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Do You Need a Professional Teeth Cleaning?

Professional cleaning is one of the easiest, most time-efficient ways to guard your oral health. Performed at Kirkland Smiles Dental Care in Kirkland, WA, a hygienic cleaning removes damaging plaque and tartar. Plus, along with your hygienist, your dentist, Dr. Bernard Pak, performs several checks important to your dental health.

A healthy mouth

It doesn't just happen. You must maintain it with daily flossing, twice-daily brushing, a tooth-friendly diet, and a tobacco-free lifestyle. Also, if you're a sports enthusiast or clench your teeth as a habit, you should sear a mouth guard to cushion the stresses of oral trauma and bruxism.

And, what about teeth cleaning? How do six-month professional cleanings help keep your mouth healthy? Is this service truly preventive?

The answer is yes, it is, and the American Dental Association (ADA) says that twice a year really is optimal. However, patients with periodontal disease may benefit from three or even four times a year.

Oral bacteria attack your teeth and gums. They grow in food residues your toothbrush and floss miss, and unless removed by your hygienist's special instruments, these germs overrun gum tissue and interdental spaces, secreting the acids which lead to tooth decay and periodontal disease. These oral health conditions can lead to tooth loss and impact your systemic health as well.

What happens at your six-month appointment

So, a healthy mouth needs this important preventive service. Just call our Kirkland, WA, office for an appointment. When you come in, you'll see your hygienist first, followed by your dentist.

Your hygienist looks at your teeth and gums, checking for any obvious problems, measuring your gum pockets, and asking about any concerns you may have. She'll also update your medications and health history and take X-rays as scheduled.

Then, your hygienist uses small hand tools and ultrasonic scalers to remove deposits of plaque and tartar. A small mirror helps her see more obscure spots in your mouth. While this scaling, or scraping, doesn't hurt, it usually is not the favorite part of a dental cleaning.

After the scaling comes the fun part--a tooth polishing with special toothpaste and a rotary brush. She'll floss your teeth, too, as the finishing touch. Simply put, your mouth will feel as good as it looks.

Then, Dr. Pak will do a complete oral exam and review any X-rays. He checks for:

  • Cavities
  • Signs of gum disease (bleeding, puffiness, tenderness, changes in color)
  • Chips, cracks, and deteriorating fillings, crowns, bridges, and veneers
  • Poor dental bite and alignment
  • Signs of excessive enamel wear or erosion
  • Evidence of oral cancer

Your dentist will make treatment recommendations based on the results of your examination.

Your best smile

For your routine exam and cleaning at Kirkland Smiles Dental Care in Kirkland, WA, call for an appointment with your friendly hygienist and your dentist, Dr. Bernard Pak at (425) 893-9500.

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