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By Kirkland Smiles Dental Care
June 26, 2017
Category: Oral Health

Dental visits that include teeth cleaning are important for maintaining good oral health and preventing such problems as cavities and professional dental cleaninggum disease. Additionally, regular teeth cleanings can potentially help reduce the risk of other health conditions like heart disease, which has been linked to gum disease. Clean teeth and a clean mouth can improve overall health by preventing harmful bacteria from lingering in the mouth and traveling to the rest of the body. At Kirkland Smiles Dental Care, Dr. Bernard Pak is your Kirkland, WA, dentist for professional teeth cleanings.

Better Oral Health

Regular dental checkups with professional teeth cleanings are an important part of a good oral healthcare routine. Professional teeth cleanings from your Kirkland dentist provide a substantially more thorough cleaning than daily brushing and flossing at home. There are some things that brushing cannot accomplish, such as removing tartar buildup. Only a teeth cleaning done at the dentist’s office can remove tartar buildup, which is important for preventing gum disease from developing and spreading.

Early Detection of Other Diseases

Professional teeth cleanings are clearly important for maintaining a healthy mouth, but can also help with early detection of other diseases. When you visit the dentist regularly to have your teeth professionally cleaned, the dentist can inspect the health of your entire mouth. Dentists can often detect the early warning signs of other health problems in the body based on the condition of the mouth. For instance, an early sign of osteoporosis is loss of bone in the jaw area. Detection of such warning signs gives you the chance to see a doctor for treatment.

Regular dental checkups with professional teeth cleanings are an excellent way to maintain a healthy mouth and prevent oral health problems. Regular teeth cleanings that prevent gum disease can potentially reduce the risk of heart disease, which has been linked to poor oral health. Early detection of other diseases within the body is also possible when you visit the dentist regularly to have your teeth cleaned. To schedule your next dental checkup and teeth cleaning with Dr. Pak, your Kirkland, WA, dentist, call Kirkland Smiles Dental Care at (425) 893-9500.